Alice Springs As we leave the cabin for any reason the dogs jump on us, or they fall at our feet presenting their bellies. The…


Directed by Mischa Baka Dancers: Debra Batton, Catherine Magill , Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden Choreography: Mischa Baka and Dancers Camera Assistant: Anthony Dillon Cinematography and…


Music Video for Walking Shadows by Matt and Luke Millar Written and Directed by Mischa Baka DOP: Sherwin Akbarzadeh Starring: Brooke Maxwell Johnny Carr Katie…

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 Music Video for Gestures by Matt and Luke Millar Written and Directed by Mischa Baka Starring: Debra batton & Catherine magill Matt & Luke Mischa


Land, a divorced art teacher, invites a student home. She drapes herself on the couch, the same couch where he makes love to his ex-wife,…


Direction, Camera and Edit: Mischa Baka Choreography: Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden Dancers: Alice Kristina Dixon, Caroline Meaden, Kevin Lo, Jessica Devereux Featuring music by Bad…


Directed by Mischa Baka in collaboration with Jessica Devereux and fLiNG Physical Theatre soundcloud.com/badamerica


Created by Mischa Baka, Benjamin Hancock and Adrian Auld Edited by Marco Treglia Made with the support of Lab Bluebottle (bb3.net.au ) Special thanks to…


Directed by Mischa Baka Starring Caroline Meaden Jessica Devereux Alice Dixon


Made by Mischa Baka with Sarah Armanious and Michal Imielski Thanks to Jess Devereux, Peter Baka, Alex & Adam Rish and Potato Potato

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